Trading Hut Update

The Trading Hut will re-open on the Saturday the 6th of March 2021, normal trading hours: Saturday/ Sunday 10.30am- 12.15pm.

Entry will be restricted to one person at a time, therefore please have a list ready. We are sorry but no ‘browsing’, will be allowed. Masks must be worn, and payment will be by Card only. To alert you, we have had difficulty in getting seeds/ onions owing to our usual supplier being unable to deliver for up to eight weeks and not taking large orders since January. However, we have obtained a small number of seeds from another company and they are in smaller packets, but the seed count is good. Following the severe weather, we have now started sowing in the polytunnel – there will be plenty of plants to come.

Please note that we are running low on stock of Stable Manure.