Broccoli and Calabrese


Site, Soil and Preparation

Broccoli and calabrese prefer a sunny position in a rich, moist soil that has been prepared in advance in autumn with generous amounts of garden compost or manure.

Indoor Sowing

Seed can be sown undercover in root trainers or 75mm (3in) pots at a depth of 10mm (1/2in) to minimise disturbance of roots. Sow seed from March to May.

Outdoor Sowing

Sow seed thinly in a prepared seed bed at a depth of 10mm (1/2in). Sow seed from March to May.


When seedlings are 100mm (4in) tall transplant from June onwards to their outdoor positions and plant at spacings of 450mm (1 1/2ft) apart.


Place cabbage collars around seedlings to prevent attack from cabbage root fly. Water plants well, especially during hot spells.


Harvest the heads as the multiple flower buds develop but before they reach the point of opening.