Coronavirus Measures

Dear Plot Holders,

Please read all of this important message about measures we are putting in place to protect all of us at the AWSLG site.

The site remains OPEN for you to come to your plot, but please be aware of the following information and advice:

  • The Canteen will be CLOSED until further notice. This situation will be reviewed regularly.
  • All events are suspended for the time being, but the Committee will review the possibilities over the next weeks and months.
  • The main gate and back gate padlocks could be a source of infection. Our advice is to wear gloves to handle the padlocks or to sanitise your hands before and after.
  • Please try to maintain 'social distance' from other plot holders. The distance advised is two metres.
  • The sink outside the Canteen, with hot and cold water, will be available for hand washing. Unfortunately we cannot supply soap or hand sanitiser due to difficulties in obtaining supplies.
  • The toilet block remains open and will be maintained as usual.
  • If you are unable to come to your plot, DON'T WORRY! There will be no plot inspections for the next few months.

Here's hoping this situation will not last too long. Meanwhile, please stay safe, and enjoy your plot.

AWLSG Committee