Addiscombe Woodside & Shirley Leisure Gardens

CHRISTMAS CLOSURE The trading centre will be shut from close of business Sunday 16h December and will remain closed until we reopen at 10.30am on Saturday 12th January 2019.

Brussel Sprouts

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    Crispus F1

    This is an early to mid-season hybrid with good resistance to club foot. The brussel sprouts are smooth and dark green and are borne on tall plants that stand in good condition for several weeks. They have a wonderful flavour. Sow in spring for an autumn harvest.

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    Cascade F1

    This is the brussel sprout for Christmas lunch. Lovely, tasty, smooth, dark green, firm buttons cropping from November to February. Produced by a plant that is a sturdy choice for exposed sites and is hardy throughout the UK.

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    Bitesize F1

    A unique hardy variety that produces small dark green ‘bitesize’ buttons that are about half the size of standard sprouts. Cropping from November, they have a great texture and flavour, and will hold at this baby size until late January.

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    Arundel F1

    The firm, fairly large buttons are packed tightly round the stem to give a high yield and, despite their size, are remarkably mild and sweet, with not a hint of bitterness. Plenty of really tasty sprouts from this exclusive early to mid-season, vigorous sprout.