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Spring Shallot & Onion Sets

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    Shallot - Red Sun

    Arguably the best red shallot. Producing good yields of crisp, white fleshed bulbs. Has an excellent flavour when cooked but is also ideal for pickling or adding raw to salads.

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    Shallot - Golden Gourmet

    Very high yielding, golden brown skinned bulb with higher bolting resistance than many others. Stores well throughout winter.

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    Onion - Stuttgarter

    Yellow skin quality, making it an excellent choice for the home gardener. The bulbs have a slightly flattened shape, excellent keeping qualities and are slow to bolt. It has a sweet, smooth and very mild taste, delicious for salads or cooking.

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    Onion - Red Baron

    A strong flavoured onion that stores well. Has deep crimson skins and a red rim on each onion ring, give a delightful bicolour effect in salads.